Annual Club Competition DPI Results

Today we ran the DPI section of the Annual Clubs Competition at Culcheth High School Community Campus.

The open section was scored first, and Warrington PS took the lead:

1Warrington PS21116
2Chorley PS20716
3Poulton-le-fylde PS19816
4Oldham PS19716
5North Cheshire PS19616
6South Manchester CC19516
7=Alsager CC18916
7=Southport PS18916
7=Lytham St Annes18916
7=Preston PS18916
11Leyland PS18816
12Holmes Chapel PS18216
13Crewe PS18116
14Nelson CC18016
15=Nantwich CC17816
15=Morecambe CC17816
17Mid Cheshire CC17716
18=Bury PS17616
18=Chester PS17616
18=Hoylake PS17616
21=The Evolve Group17416
21=Ormskirk CC17416
23Darwen CC17216
24Rochdale PS17116
25Atherton And District Aps17016
26Wigan PS16816
27Western I-o-m PS16616
28Ulverston PS16516
29Oldham CC16316
30Rochdale & District CC16216
31=Padiham And District PS16116
31=Ribblesdale CC16116
31=Bacup Camera Club16116
34Burnley CC15716
35Sale PS15516
36Accrington CC12012
37Blackburn And District CC878

After lunch, the nature section – this was won by South Manchester:

1South Manchester CC1068
2Poulton-le-fylde PS1048
3Chorley PS1038
4Southport PS1018
5=Warrington PS958
5=Morecambe CC958
7Oldham PS948
8=Darwen CC938
8=North Cheshire PS938
10Leyland PS928
11=Mid Cheshire CC918
11=Bury PS918
11=Preston PS918
14Nelson CC908
15=Alsager CC898
15=Burnley CC898
17Lytham St Annes888
18=The Evolve Group878
18=Crewe PS878
20=Sale PS868
20=Wigan PS868
22Ormskirk C C858
23=Hoylake PS848
23=Rochdale PS848
25=Chester PS828
25=Atherton And District Aps828
27=Blackburn And District CC818
27=Nantwich CC818
29=Western I-o-m PS808
29=Holmes Chapel PS808
31Accrington CC798
32Ulverston PS788
33Rochdale & District CC768
34Ribblesdale CC738
35Bacup Camera Club454

This gave the overall results, with Chorley PS in first place, Warrington PS 2nd, and Poulton-le-Fylde third.

1Chorley PS31024
2Warrington PS30624
3Poulton-le-fylde PS30224
4South Manchester CC30124
5Oldham PS29124
6Southport PS29024
7North Cheshire PS28924
8=Leyland PS28024
8=Preston PS28024
10Alsager CC27824
11Lytham St Annes27724
12Morecambe CC27324
13Nelson CC27024
14=Crewe PS26824
14=Mid Cheshire CC26824
16Bury PS26724
17Darwen CC26524
18Holmes Chapel PS26224
19The Evolve Group26124
20Hoylake PS26024
21=Nantwich CC25924
21=Ormskirk C C25924
23Chester PS25824
24Rochdale PS25524
25Wigan PS25424
26Atherton And District Aps25224
27=Western I-o-m PS24624
27=Burnley CC24624
29Ulverston PS24324
30Sale PS24124
31Rochdale & District CC23824
32Ribblesdale CC23424
33Bacup Camera Club20620
34Accrington CC19920
35Blackburn And District CC16816
36Oldham CC16316
37Padiham And District PS16116

The judges were:
Barbie Lindsay MPAGB FBPE EFIAP/s
Russell Lindsay MPAGB EFIAP FBPE

Tomorrow at 10:00am the print sections will be judged.