Booking L&CPU Judges and Lecturers and Paying Expenses

Information on booking Lecturers and Judges

Regulations and guidance notes on the booking of lecturers and Judges are given on the PAGB leaflets at the following links:

L&CPU advice about booking and using a booking form

Download a standard PAGB booking form.

In recent years there has been a tendency for clubs to deviate from using the standard booking forms and change to an email based booking system. Whilst we still recommend using a standard form, if you deviate from this as a club, you must ensure that the Lecturer or Judge receives all the information that is on the standard booking form. Lecturers and Judges who do not receive adequate information may decline the booking. Simply sending an email is not enough – you must ensure that you have also received a reply in order to ensure that your booking is made securely.


From time to time clubs like to create a flyer or a blog post about a forthcoming lecture, illustrated by an image by the guest speaker. Please ensure that you ask permission of the speaker and don’t just take an image from his/her website. Most speakers will supply an image or two if asked!


Reminders should be sent at least 10 days before the event. Please ensure that your Judge/Lecturer knows how to get to your venue, where to park and that final arrangements are made.

When should expenses be agreed?

The club must ensure that all expenses are agreed at the time of booking.

What may Judges and Lecturers charge?

Listed L&CPU Judges and Lecturers are restricted to charges set by the PAGB below.

Expenses. As referenced in the Guidance notes, the PAGB recommended rate for car travel is up to 45p/mile, and the maximum amount for equipment wear and tear of a lecturer’s equipment is £15.  (Jan-17)

Fees. In the L&CPU, our approved lecturers and judges do not charge a fee in addition to their travel expenses.

Some other organisations make lectures and workshops available for Clubs, where the cost may be partly or wholly covered by sponsorship. Details are in some Federation and the PAGB Handbooks.

Clubs may engage judges and lecturers not listed by a Federation or the PAGB on any mutually accepted terms. These should be agreed at the time of booking.

The Judges List

The L&CPU judges list is now divided up into sections.

  • PAGB judges are those who have been invited to be listed on the PAGB’s own Judges List. They are judges who have experience of judging at higher level than club internal competitions. This would include judging at federation and/or Open Exhibition level. It is desirable that they are exhibitors themselves and are conversant with current standards and quality at open Exhibition level.
  • Accredited Judges are those who have taken part in the accreditation scheme and have received positive feedback from clubs – they have also attended a seminar or judge training session since the scheme was introduced.
  • Standard Judges are those who have not been through the accreditation scheme. Many of these judges are very experienced. The accreditation scheme is voluntary for all but new judges.
  • New judges are added to the list from time to time and they appear in a separate listing so that clubs are aware that they have recently joined the list. All new judges will have been selected at a training session and will be expected to take part in the accreditation scheme.

Giving Feedback

As the accreditation scheme is not compulsory for all judges, please only give feedback for those judges who request it.

On the day of the visit (please also see the PAGB leaflets)

  • Where possible, keep a parking space free for your guest, close to the entrance.
  • Please have someone to meet your speaker and help with carrying boxes/equipment.
  • Please ensure that there is also someone available at the end of the meeting to give whatever help is needed.
  • Please offer a drink beforehand and at any interval.
  • Most lecturers and judges prefer to have their expenses paid in cash. Cheques for small amounts can be a nuisance, especially if the person’s bank is several miles away.
  • Ensure that a formal vote of thanks is given at the end of the meeting. 
  • Ensure that the lecturer/judge does not have to ask for his/her expenses!

 Reporting to the Lecturers and Judges Secretary

Lecturers and judges are encouraged to report to the Lecturers and Judges Secretary any disregard of these conditions.