About Us

The L&CPU – the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union was formed on the 9th October 1905, and at the time was the largest organisation of photographic societies in the world. Today there are 96 Societies in the Union with a total membership of just under 4,000 photographers.

The Objectives

The objects of the Union shall be to foster and encourage the advancement of the science and practice of the art of photography, to provide means for such to federated societies and to provide means for the mutual benefit and protection of federated societies and to form a link between them and the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

The Union further shall: –

  • Arrange for the circulation of photographic portfolios to its member societies.
  • Organise or join in organising photographic competitions, exhibitions and meetings.
  • Present Awards and / or Certificates of Merit when appropriate.
  • Maintain a panel of judges for competitions and exhibitions.
  • Maintain a panel of lecturers.


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