About Judges & Lecturers

The Executive Officer with responsibility for Judges and Lecturers is Jane Lines, contact details can be found on the information portal.

The Judges and Lecturers are listed in the Directory, which may be downloaded from the L&CPU information Portal via your Club Secretary.

The Judges and Lecturers listed by the Union make no charge for their work and time but are entitled to claim expenses.

Please also see “booking judges and lecturers” 

Directory Listing

The information portal is updated regularly, so please download a new Directory listing before you plan your programme.

New Judges and Lecturers

New Lecturers join the main listing straight away. If you wish to become a Lecturer or you wish to recommend one, please contact the Lecturers and Judges Secretary.

New judges will be found in a separate listing in the Directory, immediately following the main listing of approved judges. They will move up to the main Directory after one year.

New Judge Training/Evaluation

Prospective new judges will attend a training/evaluation event, at the end of which some will be recommended to join the L&CPU list. It is expected that one event will be run per year, usually in the autumn. Events will be publicised on this web site and all clubs will be advised.


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