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E-news 74

E-news 75 –   Print Championship / Photographic Art – East African Wildlife.  An MFIAP Panel/ British Birds Winner / Featured Photographer – Ian Bateman / A successful FRPS Panel by Neil Scott – Remember that all the e-Newsletters are archived on the PAGB page.

E-news 76 -Opening for entries Soon – the GB Cup 2013 – Print Championship, Notices & Adverts – Featured – The Inn Focus Group – Report from the FIAP Congress in Singapore – Copyright and Stolen Photographs – Reports and Notices – Tom Edward Fearn – Obituary – Double Vision – Featured Photographers, Colin & Hazel Marr



E-News No.73 – Warwick Images and KT Allen featured photographer

E-News No.72 – Warwick – FIAP successes 2012

E-News No.71 – MPAGB submission by Kim Bowen MPAGB, Meet the Exec Gordon Jenkins and Ian Lyons, FIAP notice – Inter-Fed Print Results – Photographer’s and the Law.

E-News No.70-John Wells FRPS – a truly inspiring man.

E-News No.69– Christine Widdall MPAGB in her own pictures – Meet the EC – Roy Lambeth CPAGB BPE2* – Meet the EC – Richard Speirs DPAGB – Your invitation to the Inter-Club PDI Championship – hAVe your say – APM – The L&CPU Mentoring Scheme – The Art of Photography – Sir George Pollock Bt

E-News No.68– Meet the PAGB Executive Committee – Rosie Armes MPAGB in her own pictures – Colin Trow-Poole ARPS – AV Further Discussion – THIS IS THE BIG ONE! – Plasma or Projection? – the FIAP View.

Earlier issues, date order…..

PAGB 7th e-news– January 2009 (APM News/ Great British Small Print Circuit)
PAGB 8th e-News – January 2009 (Great British Cup Results)
PAGB 9th e-News – January 2009 (APM – March 09, first PDI APMs Nov 09/ Fire Safety/ Photographers Rights)
PAGB 10th e-News  – April 2009 (Recorded Lectures includes Gwen, Phil and Chris Charnock)
PAGB 11th e-News – May 2009 (APMs Apr 09 / Entry Fees increase)
PAGB 12th e-News- June 2009 (New FIAP rules / APMs Nov 09 / PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championships Tickets)
E-news 12a – June 2009 (Full details of revised PAGB GBC Rules INCLUDING NEW NATURAL HISTORY
SECTION – PAGB Handbook 2010-2011 due for publication -fickr site for previewing award submissions)
E-news 14 – June 2009 (Very useful guide to what distinction and award letters mean PAGB Inter-Fed Print Results).
E-news 15 – July 2009 (What is the PAGB? Print Championships 24th Oct – tickets, Awards update, AWPF omission, Inter-Clubs PDI Comp Report, Federation Websites, PAGB Inter-Fed Print Exhibition Venues and CD to be purchased.
E-news 16 – August 2009
MFIAPS for Margaret Salisbury, Gwen & Phil Charnock, with examples of the work submitted. Reminder about PAGB Print Competition (better display promised!). PAGB PDI standards. FIAP definitions of natural history and monochrome. Invitation to enter the 30th Northern Counties International Salon of Photography

E-news 17 – September 2009
Additional notes on FIAP mono defintions, Beyond Group results, Perma-Jet sponsorship means a colour corrected print easel which will be used at Connah’ Quay. We are promised superb projection there this year)

E-news 18a – October 2009
This issue is devoted to the next Great British Cup. Entries are due by 16th November. There is a new Natural History section which promises awards on a club and individual level. Judges for all three sections; Open, Small Clubs and Natural History are given.

E-news 18 – October 2009
Again the PAGB Great British Cup rules etc. They are determined that we don’t forget this one – and, with the new Natural History section it should be the best ever! Also included are some notes from the last PAGB Exec Meeting and a mention of the decision to allow all finalists in the PAGB Clubs Prints and PDI Comps to take part again the following year – not just the top 4.

E-news 19 – November 2009
2009 Print Championship Results. Reminder about GBC.

E-news 20 – November 2009
The PDI and Print Championships – Advice to judges – How much does it cost a judge or lecturer to visit your Club?

E-news 21 – December 2009
The Stirling PAGB awards in detail, that rule about using the same image in more than one inter-Fed PAGB comp (!), the second GB Small Print Circuit, Lectures at Smethwick.

E-news 22 – January 2010
The Great British Cup full report. Natural History judging postponed. Medal winners depicted. Warning: 1.28Mb file

E-news 23 – February 2010 (Over 4 Mb!) 2Mb version here.

E-news 24 – March 2010 Highlights from the February Meeting of the PAGB Executive, Awards for Photographic Merit in Audio Visual, PDI Competition Standards, Trustee Liability Insurance

E-news 27 – May 2010 Tribute to David Marsh FRPS Hon-PAGB, PAGB Awards April 2010, extra PAGB adjudication in December, Warwick tickets.

E-news 28 – May 2010 Report on PAGB AGM & Exec Meeting, Rod Wheelans Hon PAGB MPAGB MFIAP FRPS FIPF is awarded JS Lancaster Medal, Trustee Liability Insurance, Gordon Jenkins to produce PI CD, FIAP matters, advice on preparing PDIs.

E-news 29 – June 2010 – All about COPYRIGHT. It really is 29, not 27!

E-news 30 – June 2010 – PAGB Inter-Federation Print Results

E-news 31 – July 2010 – PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championships some winning images – detailed results to follow plus a chance to judge for Australian Clubs!

E-news 32 – August 2010 – PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championships full club scores, New recorded lecture about judging, David Keith Jones FRPS, Shrewsbury Open, 20th Guernsey and Swansea City Exhibitions and the entry list for the PAGB Inter-Club Print Championships at Connah’s Quay on 23rd October 2010.

E-news 33 – August 2010 – PAGB Inter-Club Print Championships in October – entry list, Great British Cup CD on its way, RPS Nature Group DVD, Liability of Clubs to Corporation Tax.

E-news 34 – October 2010 – Important statement on AFIAP/EFIAP applications, PAGB Print Chmpionship Results, PAGB APMs in AV, GBC DVD situation, New PAGB Judges (including Christine Widdall btw), RPS survey on video on your dSLR, Inter-Federation PI Results, Events and Courses.

E-news 35 – November 2010 – Prints from the PAGB Inter-Club Print Champioships

E-news 36 – December 2010 – Details of MPAGBs at Wilmslow Guild. Other APMs to follow.

E-news 37 – December 2010 – Details of Cs and Ds at Wilmslow and Carlisle.

E-news 38 – December 2010 – Highlights of the PAGB Inter-Federtion PI Competition.

E-news 39 – January 2011 – GB Cup entries, Don Morrison Hon.PAGB Hon.FIAP 1913-2010, ” Should digital PDI be modified on the night by a judge?” – some thoughts, GB Small Print Circuit, Irene Froy Lectures (highly recommended – Webmaster), Printing Colour Patches with CS5, Glennie Nature Salon

E-news 40 – February 2011 – PAGB Exec Committee Meeting,

E-news 41 – February 2011 – GB Cup 2011 – Headlines, GB Cup Open – Club Scores, GB Cup Small – Club Scores, GB Cup Nature – Club Scores, GB Cup – Individual Awards, Police Stop and Search under the Terrorism Act, Corporation Tax for Camera Clubs.

E-news 42 – March 2011 – Importance of sponsorship, natural history awards at GBC, APMs in AV, Recoding lectures and live editing, Beyond Group and London Salon.

E-news 43 – April 2011 – Annual General Meeting & the new PAGB President, GB Cup 2011 (Small Clubs) – Illustrated Awards, Further GB Cup Awards, Free Software and Exhibition Notices, AP Tsunami Appeal, Permajet Winner & Competition Rota, Information for prospective entrants for FIAP Awards & Next Issue. Screen View (400K): Printing Version (2.49Mb)

E-news 44 – May 2011 – Revised Rule for all PAGB Competitions and the APM, Awards for Photographic Merit – Headlines and Results April 2011, Advert – “Buy a Photography Business”, The Story of One CPAGB by David Rayner, Awards for Photographic Merit -stats revised, Advert – “Outstanding Lecturer”, Next Issue Highlights and the Permajet Winner, More Pictures from the APM, Revised PAGB Mileage Rate.

E-news 45- May 2011– FIAP Distinctions awarded in January 2011 – EFIAP/platinum illustrations -The Exhibition – Host Rota for PAGB Events + Notices – 2012 PAGB Diary + Notices – Serif Photo Plus Competition – New PAGB Judges – Some highlights from the April PAGB EC Meeting – Awards from the GB Cup Open 2011 – PAGB Mileage Rate. Addendum: If you want to take part in the Serif PhotoPlus competition with prizes worth more than £1800 please use this link.http://www.serif.com/photoplus-competition/ free Serif PhotoPlus software please use this link.http://www.serif.com/free-photo-editing-software/php-se.aspIf you want more information about the exciting Joe Cornish DVD please use this link. http://www.withlandscapeinmind.com

E-news 46- June 2011 – PAGB Inter-Federation Print Competition Results.

E-news 47 – July 2011 – Inter-Fed Results – PDI Championships – Leo Rich – Appeal for APM images for tutorial CD – Great British Cup (9/1/12) – Northern Counties International – Clubs entered for the PAGB Inter-Club Print Championships.

E-news 48 – August 2011 – Bad News from WPF – PDI Championship Warwick (story, details, images) – New website for Phil & Gwen Charnock- APMs (new collection of images due in October) – GBX DVD – Ticket Applications for PAGB Print Championshipships at Connahs Quay in October (Tom Dodd, Irene Froy and Anne Sutcliffe judge) – Applying for FIAP awards. This issue has a web address for one photographers full panel of C and D PAGB images with marks and is particularly useful for all those looking to try for APMs.

E-news 49 – August 2011 – World’s Most Photographed Tree (?) is no more! – Dr Michael Pritchard becomes RPS Director – The London Photograph Fair.

E-news 50 – October 2011 – Jane H Black FPSA – The 26th FIAP Projected Image Biennial results – Your Invitation to the Inter-Club Print Championship – 5 Wigan 10 CD Offer + First Wrekin Salon & Notices – The PermaJet Winner for September + Advert – Two Federation Featured Photographers – APM in AV + a Wonderful Book and e-mail security – PAGB Handbook – Death of an Icon, + Next Issue ……….. and Finally

E-news 51 – October 2011 – Great British Cup – entry is now FREE – Results of the Inter Federation PDI Annual Competition – PAGB Executive Meeting – Warwick – A Personal View by Chris Forster – L&CPU Mentoring Scheme by Christine Widdall – Medal for Peter Brown – 4 PAGE SUPPLEMENT OF SHOW OFFERS AVAILABLE AT THE PRINT CHAMPIONSHIP

E-news 52 – November 2011 – Inter-Club Print Championship 2011 – Inter-Federation PDI Competition 2011 – Awards for Photographic Merit in Audio Visual – Featured Federation Photographer & Notices
– Public Liability Insurance + Next Issue – Colin Smith FRPS

E-news 53 – December 2011 – Awards for Photographic Merit – November 2012 – 3 Awards for Photographic Merit – Audio Visual – Breach of Rules – Notices – Take a View Landscape Winner – YOUR INVITATION TO ENTER THE GB CUP 2012 (FREE!!!)

E-news 54 – December 2011 – GB CUP – Call for Entries – Awards for Photographic Merit – Inter-Fed PDI 2012 + Featured Photographer – Colin Smith  1937-2011 – Notices & PermaJet Free Draw Winners – How do you receive visitors? – Notices for the RPS – Notices  and “An Exception to the Rule” – PAGB AV Awards Consultation.

E-news 55 – January 2012 -AV Awards Consultation – Diary of events – Edinburgh P.S. – Celebrating 150 Years – How do you receive visitors? – NEW Recorded Lecture – PAGB Awards – APM Frequent Questions and Answers – David Stout & Paul Sanders – Example – “Judges & Lecturers Requirements”

E-news 56 – January 2012 -Meritorious Service Awards APAGB – Results of our AV Awards Consultation – Notices from FIAP & RPS – Ken Holland – Looking at Photographs – Notices ……. and Finally – Appendix 1 GB Cup Entries received by 23/01/12

E-news 57 – February 2012 -Highlights from the February PAGB Meeting – Men and Women of Distinction –   Calling all MPAGB – Notices – Featured Photographer & Permajet winner – APM Advice of Facebook and Notices… and Finally

E-news 58 – February 2012 – GB Cup 2012 -Happy Birthday + Notices -Calling All MPAGB – again
Focus on Imaging Appendix –  Visit the PAGB and our Sponsors at Focus

E-news 59 – February 2012 – GBC SPECIAL EDITION 1 of 3

E-news 60 – February 2012 – GBC SPECIAL EDITION 2 of 3

E-news 61 – February 2012 – GBC SPECIAL EDITION 3 of 3

E-news 62 – March 2012 – The PAGB President – State of the Nation – 16th FIAP Nature Biennial Results – London Salon of Photography – Featured Photographer – Joan Blease ARPS – The PAGB at Focus on Imaging.

E-news 63 – March 2012 – APM – Details of the Tutorial Disk and APM Statistics

E-news 64 – March 2012 – Meet the PAGB Executive – Peter Young, Hon Treasurer – The PAGB Entry to the 31st FIAP Monochrome Biennial – Assorted Information – Featured Photographer – Steve McDonald ARPS – Notice & Adverts – Meet the PAGB Executive – Robert Albright, RPS delegate – Host Rota for APM and Inter-Federation Competitions – Change to AFIAP and EFIAP Requirements from 2013 – The PAGB list for Judging its Audio Visual Competitions and Awards

E-news 65 – From the AGM and EC Meeting, April 2012 -PAGB Archives & Editorial Pleasures
– Featured Photographer – Anne Swearman – Adverts – Diaporama by Howard Bagshaw – Judges for the Awards for Photographic Merit – 2013 – Howard Tate (Meet the EC) – Advance Information for FIAP Awards 2013 – Invitation to the Inter-Club PDI Championship – Don Langford (Meet the EC), Saskia Slavin (Featured) – 12 Don Langford, contd. + Notices – AWARDS FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC MERIT – NOVEMBER

E-news 66 – Awards for Photographic Merit –April 2012 (no list of passes)- Featured Photographer – Alan Eastham – Meet the EC – Christine Langford + Beyond a joke – Your invitation to the Inter-Club PDI Championship – Meet the EC – Mark Buckley-Sharp – Total Passes – Awards for Photographic Merit in AV – … and finally

E-news 67  -Awards for Photographic Merit – List of passes – Austin Thomas MPAGB
– Meet the Executive – Dave Coates  MPAGB EFIAP/g ARPS EPSA APAGB – Awards for Photographic Merit – Audio Visual by Club -Sandy Wallace APAGB – Insurance Matters NOTE THAT THE LINKS ARE NOT LIVE – go to the website to download the documents –   Meet the Executive – Roger Parry DPAGB ARPS AFIAP HonPAGBm – Featured Photographer – Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP.

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