Annual Individuals Competition 2024

The closing date for entries is Saturday 4 May 2024; please do not leave submitting your entry until the final hour 😊

This competition is held ‘in camera’ and is not open for audience viewing.

This is the L&CPU Annual event, where all club members are invited to choose and enter their images, in the following sections:

  • PDI – there are two categories in this section – Open (which includes colour & monochrome) and Nature.
  • Prints – there are three categories in this section – Open Monochrome, Open Colour and Nature 

If possible, can prints be collected and submitted by your club competition secretary or another person in identifiable club print boxes; otherwise, the team sorting the prints have to try and manage individual print boxes and ensure that the correct prints go into the correct boxes – which can cause confusion.

Drop Off Points for prints – the list will be sent to Club Competition Secretaries and Club Secretaries early in May, probably around the competition closing date.  I know you probably wish to get your prints sorted and delivered; I am trying to save our volunteers from having a living room full of print boxes to sit on rather than their furniture, I do hope you understand.  The drop-off points are in Leigh, Middleton, Frodsham, Ormskirk and Gatley.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the L&CPU competitions team at

Wendy & Keith

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