To all the Federated Clubs and their Members in the L&CPU

On behalf of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union Executive, I would like to wish all photographers in the Federated clubs a very Happy New Year. Not that it is sounding too good at the moment, but I think a positive spin helps us look forward to better days when we can get out and about with our cameras again and be able to meet up with others.

I’m delighted that all the clubs and societies within the Federation have renewed their subscriptions for the coming year (please don’t forget to renew your Public Liability via Darwen Clayton before the end of January!)

Lots of clubs have soldiered on via Zoom, or similar and have managed to keep DPI competitions running as well as guest speakers. Many clubs now realise their ability to get both from further afield as travel expenses are not an issue! Sadly we may have to face this issue for a good few months yet, indeed it was recognised at the recent Executive meeting that things will probably not be back to “normal” before September at the earliest so they are planning online events.

I’m pleased we were able to run, via Zoom and with Adrian Lines excellent software, a good number of competitions last year, ably managed by our Competitions Secretary Wendy Monaghan and her sub-committee.  Similarly for this year all competitions will be via the same delivery method. However it is intended that the Annual Print Competition will go ahead, but with some changes as you would expect, such as A4 unmounted prints, along with some small date changes. Full details to be published very soon – keep an eye open.

As the incoming President, I look forward meeting as many club members as possible and I’d be delighted to visit Federated clubs to say Hello, find out what you are doing, talk to members and take any Q & A, especially those members in smaller clubs. Perhaps at first during one of your Zoom meetings or later on in person. Please contact me to arrange.

Don’t forget the L&CPU Annual General Meeting (via Zoom) on Sunday 28th February. Look out for final details via Focal Points and on the website.

With my best wishes,


James Hardy CPAGB LRPS