Annual Individuals Competition & Young Photographer of the Year

Saturday 7th May & Sunday 8th May 2022

We cordially invite you to participate in the L&CPU Annual Individuals Competition, incorporating Young Photographer of the Year, to be held on Saturday 7th May and Sunday 8th May 2022.

This event is held ‘in camera’ and is not open for audience viewing.

Rules Focus

The rules in the competitions help to set baseline for all entrants to try and ensure that we have consistency across the whole entry. It is not possible to investigate adherence to all rules when we receive multiple entries to competitions; everyone involved in the competition trusts that all entries will abide by the rules and guidelines.


If it looks like nature, it is nature. However, if it is nature, please accurately title your image.

If you have a nature image and there is no overt manipulation, the image should be entered into the nature section. Please read the rules and guidelines documentation which has been sent out to clubs; tags, collars etc on wild animals are permissible. You can crop, colour correct, minimise noise, dodge & burn, focus stack, HDR and sharpen. You can also clone image defects (sensor dust spots!) and minor distractions, including overlapping elements where these changes do not distort the truth of the image.

Artistic nature

If your image started as nature but has been creatively modified to show a purely pictorial image, then it does not meet the Nature definition and should be entered into the Open section


Includes any image which does not fit into either the Nature or Monochrome category


Images must be monochromatic, if more than one colour is used in the image then it should be entered into the Open section

Final Checks

Please ensure you take off any identifying information before submitting your image – your image may be disqualified

Enter your images into the correct categories (nature/open/mono) – if your image is deemed to be in an incorrect category it may be disqualified

If you have any queries regarding the rules, please speak to your club competition secretary to seek clarification.

Wendy Monaghan & Keith Richardson

Competition Secretaries

Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union