2021 PDI Club Knockout Competition

The L&CPU will be holding their PDI Club Knockout Competition on Saturday13th November 2021 at the Elm-Bank Banqueting & Conference Centre, Eccles commencing at 7pm. 

This is a fun competition night with a serious side.  The winning club and author of the winning image will each receive a trophy.

We welcome as our judge for the evening John Cartlidge APAGB, EFIAP/p, BPE5* from the Midland Counties Photographic Federation.

  • Closing Date for Entries is Midnight 6th November 2021
  • Competition Date is Saturday 13th November 2021
  • Competition Venue:
    Elm-Bank Banqueting & Conference Centre, 46 Half Edge Lane, Eccles, M30 9BA
  • Doors Open 6:30 PM
  • Start Time 7:00 PM

We hope your club will enter this and all the competitions and events we have planned for you in the coming months and look forward to seeing your club on the entry list.

Wendy Monaghan
L&CPU Competition Secretary



VenueElm Bank Conference Centre, 46 Half Edge Lane, Eccles M30 9BA
JudgeJohn Cartlidge ARPS MPAGB EFIAP/p BPE5
Online Entry OpensMonday 11 October 2021 @ 00:01
Online Entry ClosesSaturday 6 November 2021 @ 23:59
Start Time19:00
1This competition is open to all L&CPU Federated Clubs
2Members may only enter images for one club. Only fully paid up, bona fide members of that club may enter. Entry infers that the L&CPU have the use of an image in L&CPU publicity. It is the responsibility of the photographer to inform clubs they are members of are aware that they can/cannot use their work in this competition. It is the clubs’ responsibility to ensure they abide by these rules.  Failure to do so would result in the disqualification of one or both clubs. Images must not have been entered in any previous L&CPU Competition
3Each club entry must consist of: 8 images. No more than 2 images from 1 worker. The first 4 images listed on the entry form must be from 4 different workers. Images are to be numbered in the order of priority for projection. The first 7 images will be the formal entry, with the 8th image held in reserve to use as a tiebreak to determine the winning club
4Project Digital Images (PDI) must be within 1600 pixels (horizontal) x 1200 pixels (vertical) range, saved in jpeg format in sRGB colour space
5The number of images used in competition will depend on the number of Clubs entered. 
6Images entered in this competition are eligible for L&CPU Annual Club and Individual competitions in the future, if they meet the criteria of the competition
7The stated author must have taken the original image(s) submitted and have the full copyright to all elements of the image at their disposal
8Manipulated images are welcome, provided the author has carried out all the manipulation.  Images constructed from or that include royalty/copyright free images are not acceptable


 https://lcpu-portal.org  Log into L&CPU data portal, enter your club code and password. Go to list / enter current competition / knock-out competition
 Upload your images in the order you wish them to be projected. Remember the first 4 images listed must be from 4 different workers (rule 2)


Maximum 7 roundsJudge will eliminate a number of images during each round.  Each image eliminated will receive a score based on the round it was eliminated from
Round 1Images eliminated will receive 1 point
Round 2Images eliminated will receive 2 points
Round 3Images eliminated will receive 3 points
Round 4Images eliminated will receive 4 points
Round 5Images eliminated will receive 5 points
Round 6Images eliminated will receive 6 points
Round 7At the end of the 6 or 7 rounds there should be one image remaining, which will be the winning image. 
 In penultimate round, with half dozen or so images remaining the judge will select one image to go into the final round.   This will score an extra point for the club
 In the event of a tiebreak the 8th image from each club will be used


Individual AwardJudge’s choice – from images remaining in last round
Club AwardScores for the club images are added together from the scores allocated during the elimination rounds


1All L&CPU events include the principle that an image, once entered into a competition, is not eligible to be entered into the same competition at a later date
2The definition and boundaries of each competition are stated in the respective rules
3The same title by a different photographer is always a different image
4The L&CPU are building an archive of entries, made via its on-line system, with validation software which can warn entrants of possible eligibility errors.  The check can only be an estimate based on the combination the title and photographer’s name. Any change between competitions in typing either the title or the photographers name may mean that a warning is not given. The system may give a false warning where two photographers share the same name or have very similar names. Best practice (and highly desirable) is for the author to give each image a unique title and for that title never to be changed.  A different title by the same author will be assumed to be a different image.  However, it is the image which matters and a review of image files will reveal an ineligible entry. An image which is sufficiently similar to another image previously entered into a competition by the same author, will be ruled ineligible as effectively being the same image. Colour and monochrome versions from one image are likely to be considered the same image, unless the artistic treatment is significantly different. Similarity may also arise where elements are repeated in different composite images
5The L&CPU delegates decisions on eligibility to the discretion of each event organiser
6Authors and Club Competition Secretaries should be aware of the similarity issue, even if two entries have been given different titles
7For clarity, the following examples where an entry to an L&CPU competition is always eligible: An image, either print or PDI, entered into one event remains eligible for a different competition in the same or subsequent year. An image included in a selection bank e.g. the ‘knock out competition’ but is then NOT used, has not be entered and remains eligible for the same event in a subsequent year, if it still meets the competition rules.