‘My Prayer’ by Christine Dickinson
‘My Prayer’ by Christine Dickinson

The Annual Knockout was held tonight – 21st November – via Zoom. 

Our thanks go to Mike Sharples MPABG ARPS EFIAP ABPE who did a fantastic job judging the entry.  It was gratifying to welcome over 150 club members to join us to enjoy an evening of excellent images and judging

Overall there were 328 images, with 164 images for judging, from 41 clubs.  Having so many clubs enter did mean we could only use the first 4 images from the club entry

Congratulations to the winning club Chorley PS and to the individual winning image ‘My Prayer’ by Christine Dickinson

2nd place goes to Poulton-le-Fylde PS with 3 clubs tying for 3rd place – Bury PS, Lytham St Annes & Warrington PS

2020 PDI Knockout - Club results

1Chorley PS20
2Poulton-le-fylde PS17
3Lytham St Annes16
=Warrington PS16
=Bury PS16
6North Cheshire PS14
7Leyland PS12
8Southport PS11
=Stockport PS11
=Oldham PS11
11South Manchester CC10
=Atherton And District Aps10
=Isle Of Man PS10
14Kendal Pc9
=Nantwich CC9
=Ulverston PS9
17The Evolve Group8
=Accrington CC8
19Padiham And District PS7
=Wallasey APS7
=Western (I-o-M) PS7
22Holmes Chapel PS6
=Preston PS6
=Ashton-under-Lyne P And I.S 6
=Nelson CC 6
=Garstang CC 6
=North Fylde PS 6
=Mid Cheshire CC 6
=Crewe PS 6
30Bacup Camera Club 5
=Ribblesdale CC 5
=Oldham CC5
=Lancaster PS5
=Burnley CC5
=Hoylake PS5
=Ormskirk C C5
=Sale PS5
38Wigan PS4
=Rochdale & District CC4
=Blackburn And District CC4
=Frodsham And District PS4


2020 PDI Knockout - Individual Scores

1My PrayerChristine DickinsonChorley PS7
2Red Squirrel on Mossy StumpAndy ButlerAtherton And District APS6
=Evening in the AlgarveMukesh GuptaBury PS6
=PearlsKuli VirdeeLytham St Annes6
=The Red BalloonLynne MorrisWarrington PS6
=Dance RehearsalJane LinesChorley PS6
=Emerged 4spot and brd Bodied chasersAlan StoreyPoulton-le-fylde PS6
=The Devoted StrangerJoan BleaseWarrington PS6
=Dark Green FritillaryDerek DixonUlverston PS6
=Broken PoliticsJeffrey BagnallKendal Pc6
=White CosmosSandra EasthamLeyland PS6
=The PoetAnnette HockneyNorth Cheshire PS6
=NuthatchBrianna GilliganOldham PS6
14misty woodOliver DoreeACCrington CC5
=Cllarks clown fish in bulb anemoneRichard O MearaPoulton-le-fylde PS5
=Green WoodpeckerGraham HiltonStockport PS5
=Manhattan DawnSue BlytheIsle Of Man PS5
=Vestrahorn and Stokksnes BeachCarol WatsonLytham St Annes5
=Young starlingsGill O MearaPoulton-le-fylde PS5
20Hyena SkirmishRobin PriceChorley PS4
=Robin on poppy seed headDavid TaylorThe Evolve Group4
=Dancing in the lightKen HudsonWallasey APS4
=Stellars sea eagle with fishRoger GeldardSouth Manchester CC4
=Twisleton ScarRob HumeLeyland PS4
=Magnum Opus 4Paul TophamNantwich CC4
=I Can Do ItMartin HenfieldBury PS4
=Balkan copper on Hawkweed BudTrevor DavenportSouthport PS4
28Sparrowhawk with PreyJeremy Broome-SmithIsle Of Man PS3
=Over The BrowAndrew CharlesworthNantwich CC3
=Moorland winter TreeSarah DaviesBury PS3
=The SmokerGordon WatsonLytham St Annes3
=Competing behind closed doorsAamir SabzwariNorth Cheshire PS3
=Siberian LynxDavid DelmageNorth Fylde PS3
=Green WoodpeckerJeff KirbyPadiham And District PS3
=RuinsDave HastingsStockport PS3
=Quarreling JaysStephen HoyleBury PS3
=LubricationAdrian LinesChorley PS3
=Breaking up the partyDavid BoamNorth Cheshire PS3
=Bailey Versus GreyhoundJulie PigulaSouthport PS3
=Blue-Tailed Damselflies MatingTom BowettSouth Manchester CC3
=Winter TwilightPhil CorleyHolmes Chapel PS3
=Red Kite AscendingKath HillMid Cheshire CC3
43Full Moon Over Darwen Towerlee MansfieldBurnley CC2
=Hyena with Buffalo LegIan WhistonCrewe PS2
=Juvenile Snow Monkey with stickPaula MartinNorth Cheshire PS2
=Steampunk MusicianChristine WiddallOldham PS2
=Autumn Glory at ButtermereAndrew HodkinsonOrmskirk C C2
=Watching the world go byAnnette WillacyRibblesdale CC2
=Man in the mistJohn McNallySale PS2
=The Mighty Vestrahorn - Icelandchristine WoodSouthport PS2
=Dark green fritillaries on wild marjoramTony NorthSouth Manchester CC2
=WaitingDavid SalterWestern (i-o-m) PS2
=texture and lightPeter WhalleyAshton-under-lyne P And I.S 2
=GoddessMartin McGingCrewe PS2
=2 Melancholy CharliePeter KnightGarstang CC2
=Common Cuckoo with grubHoward HarrisonNelson CC2
=Fighting FinchesAndrea WilsonOldham PS2
=Louis at full SpeedAlex AndersonSouthport PS2
=The ThinkerDennis WoodWestern (i-o-m) PS2
=strawberry MuffinAgata DerenAshton-under-lyne P And I.S 22
=Still WatersAlan KempAtherton And District APS2
=blossom tea cupKath FirthThe Evolve Group2
=3 Blue TitLewis ThompsonGarstang CC2
=Mountain hareMargaret SixsmithHoylake PS2
=Keeled Skimmer Dragonflies - MatingRoger JohnstoneNelson CC2
=A4 Paper ArtPaul BrammerPadiham And District PS2
=Zanthy with a floral headdressRobert TurleyPreston PS2
=Swanage Old PierTerry HewittStockport PS2
=For YouChristine JohnsonWarrington PS2
=Crummock Water in the RainJon DyerBacup Camera Club2
=Bearded TitMike AtkinsonLancaster PS2
=Fading AwayKen AinscowLytham St Annes2
=Determined CompetitorSteven BirdsOldham CC2
=Brief EncounterAnn EdwardsPreston PS2
=GlasgowJohn BairdWarrington PS2
=Strawberry SplashIan KnightWestern (i-o-m) PS2
77red kite divingJohn PorterAshton-under-lyne P And I.S 1
=Teddy tog s Mother and Baby PhotoshootSue WaterhouseBlackburn And District CC1
=Old Sea DefensesDave GreenwoodBacup Camera Club1
=Three Wise MacaquesLynda HaneyFrodsham And District PS1
=1 Orange Tip Butterfly In FlightJohn MoxhamGarstang CC1
=RegretStephen HalseyHoylake PS1
=Screwed ViewChris SteelHolmes Chapel PS1
=The Old FarmhouseAnn DallawayKendal Pc1
=Barge CaptainPeter KingLeyland PS1
=Silence of the LambsCarole WetherleyLancaster PS1
=Here Comes the TaxmanRay GirlingMid Cheshire CC1
=Singing Sub - Alpine WarblerTony MellorNelson CC1
=Billy the PupAngela CarrNorth Fylde PS1
=The GatekeeperPaul AdamsOldham CC1
=For the ChopMatt CarpenterPadiham And District PS1
=SophiaPaul YatesPreston PS1
=Up and overAlan WadeRochdale & District CC1
=Rutting StagsAndy PringleUlverston PS1
=Fallen leavesTom BanksWigan PS1
=Rainy Day at Ashton MemorialHarry EmmettACCrington CC1
=DandelionChris HarrisonAtherton And District APS1
=Bittern with FrogRobert SingletonBlackburn And District CC1
=Rainbows EndSimon SweetmanBurnley CC1
=Ringlet on DaisyAndrew SpencerBacup Camera Club1
=silencePete RowbottomThe Evolve Group1
=What do you WantBill GriffithsFrodsham And District PS1
=Great crested grebe with 3 chicksRobert DevenishHoylake PS1
=Dandelion SeedOwen LloydHolmes Chapel PS1
=Life Behind BarsJo KnightKendal Pc1
=Chasing ShadowsChris EllisonLeyland PS1
=DrownedKirsty RailtonLancaster PS1
=JoshuaPaul WilcockMid Cheshire CC1
=Flower PotsAlison WoodNantwich CC1
=Perch Rock LighthouseIan GreenhalghOldham CC1
=Singapore GardensTim McBrideOrmskirk C C1
=Jokulsarlon BeachAndy PhillipsPreston PS1
=Running DogChris GrangerRibblesdale CC1
=Bending the linesDavid HirstRochdale & District CC1
=Wind blown leafDerrick HowarthSale PS1
=Red-backed ShrikeRobert ThomsonUlverston PS1
=Meols sunsetKeith ArmitageWallasey APS1
=Winter SunSteve TaylorWigan PS1
=Up and OverAlan LittlerACCrington CC1
=Curves and LinesJim CunninghamBlackburn And District CC1
=Male WoodpeckerStephen RootBurnley CC1
=Back Street LifeIan BramwellBacup Camera Club1
=The DancerStephen CoyneCrewe PS1
=Return to the SeaIan StanleyFrodsham And District PS1
=Red SquirrelPaul HillHolmes Chapel PS1
=Eccentric FramingBarry MurphyIsle Of Man PS1
=Taking Time OutDylan ReynoldsKendal Pc1
=The Art of MovementRuth LochrieLancaster PS1
=StandoffRay HillMid Cheshire CC1
=Dancing AnemoneBarbara ClaytonNorth Fylde PS1
=Dragon ChildEddie LeachOldham PS1
=CurvesPeter JacksonOldham CC1
=My BallSteve WalkerOrmskirk C C1
=Bow Fiddle RockMichael WhittakerRibblesdale CC1
=Preparing to danceRichard AdamsRochdale & District CC1
=Sepulchre of Cardinal Sir Juan de CervanAndy CarpenterSale PS1
=Mushroom metropolisPaul AshtonWallasey APS1