We are looking for a new L&CPU Archivist

The L&CPU is looking for a new archivist to lead the activities around our extensive photographic archive. The L&CPU Archive is probably the largest of any Federation within the PAGB. It contains a large selection of prints, lantern slides, books, publications, equipment and old cameras. The oldest image is a Ferro type dating from 1859. The prints are a collection of work from L&CPU past Presidents together with recognised photographers within the Federation. The print collection displays a historical context in the development of photography both in styles and processing techniques. Processing techniques include for example, Albumen, Platinotype and Bromoil.

The entire collection is housed in the Manchester Central Library within their Archive section. The contents are stored in a specially constructed room which is evacuated each evening and the filled with an inert gas that assists with the preservation of the contents. Accessing the L&CPU Archive can be arranged with the current Library Archivist , Mr Tony Lees.

Images have been used on special occasions for example at the L&CPU Centenary Exhibition. In addition, a selection of materials was used to produce a bookable lecture but due to the increasing fragility of the material it was decided several years ago to embark on a programme of digitising the entire Archive. The idea was to make the contents of the Archive available to clubs in the federation via the Portal. To date over 7000 images have been produced to cover the contents. All this is stored on a1 TB external hard drive with another as a backup

Hard copy thumbnails of the images are contained in A3 folders. These give a quick over view of the material.
There are a number of items stored in the lock up and include; Victorian mahogany and brass lantern slide projector, 21/4 square slide projector, a collection of Focal Point booklets.
Continuing to add equipment in the future may be difficult due to the rapid speed of change in technology. It maybe that a representative selection be made to at least record the existence of any iconic or innovative advancement.

The role…

  1. Make the Digitised content of the Archive accessible to federation clubs and societies via the Portal.
  2. Continue to add relevant current good work in DPI, Prints and AV from,
    a) Cross section of L&CPU competitions.
    b) well recognised practitioners.
  3. Add examples of L&CPU President’s work not already represented
  4. Promote the use of the Archive.
  5. Select iconic examples of digital cameras and equipment to add to the Archive.
  6. Liase with the Manchester Central Library with additions to the Archive.
  7. Maintain an up to date back up of the Archive.

If you are interested in this role and would like to discuss it further, please contact Garth Tighe CPAGB by email at pastpresident@lcpu.org.uk for further information.