L&CPU Success at PAGB Awards Chorley, April 2018

The following candidates were successful at the PAGB Awards Adjudication, representing a 93% pass rate. Congratulations to all the candidates and thanks to our mentors for their hard work. Would all successful candidates please consider letting us have a set of web-sized photos to put on a gallery of accepted work, or a link to your set if they are already online? Contact Webmaster@lcpu.org.uk.

Credit Print

Sue Blythe LRPS BPE 3* Isle of Man PS L&CPU
Martin Coupe LRPS Chorley PS L&CPU
Paula Martin   North Cheshire PS L&CPU
Yvonne St Cyr   North Cheshire PS L&CPU
Paul Statter   Wigan 10 Foto Club L&CPU
Wendy Stowell   Accrington CC L&CPU
David Taylor BPE 2* The Evolve Group L&CPU

Credit PDI

Annette Hockney BPE 3* North Cheshire PS L&CPU
Robert Hume BPE 2* Leyland PS L&CPU
Eddie Leach   Oldham PS L&CPU
Lisa Mullins BPE 2* North Cheshire PS L&CPU
Penny Price   Southport PS L&CPU

Distinction PDI

Noel Patterson CPAGB North Cheshire PS L&CPU