Norman Thompson DPAGB LBIPP

Photograph by Ed Roper EFIAP

I regret to inform you of the passing of Norman Thompson DPAGB LBIPP recently. For any L&CPU club members who may wish to attend, Norman’s funeral is to take place this Friday, 9th December, at 12.00 noon at the Blackley Crematorium, Victoria Avenue, M9 8PJ.

I first met Norman in one of the frequent inter-club battles between Bolton and Bury PS. Later, we worked together on the L&CPU Exec Committee for many years. The role of treasurer was swapped between Norman and Gordon Jenkins many times; it always seemed to be the case that Norman had to raise subs, while Gordon had the scope to cut – or at least, not have to raise them. They formed an interesting double act, with Norman cast as the villain!

Norman’s love of photography began when he was an apprentice in the 1950s. On completion of his apprenticeship, he became a draughtsman and found himself working with some engineers who were also keen photographers. He learned much from them and bought his first camera – a Werra 1B with a 40mm lens. Shortly afterwards, he joined a photography club and started photographing weddings on a part-time basis for many years.

Prior to joining Bury PS, Norman was a member of MAPS, and due to travel with his work, he also joined several other societies around the North West. in the early 1990s, he retired from his normal field of work for health reasons and joined a local photographic company as a photographer and darkroom technician. Here he gained professional qualifications in the field of social photography.

At Bury Photographic Society, Norman served in several roles including competition secretary, exhibition secretary, syllabus secretary, and president. Joining the L&CPU Exec committee curtailed his club activities somewhat, and as well as serving as treasurer, Norman organised the ‘Big Day’s of photography for club members, and served as president of the union for two years.

Norman was elected to the L&CPU Roll of Honour in February 2012.