L&CPU Folios

Folio secretary Keith Richardson must have your club’s Folio Recipient AND a reserve contact too. Please check that the Portal is up to date on this and please email Keith with any changes you make too (folios@lcpu.org.uk). When you receive a folio it is your responsibility to arrange to hand it on to the next recipient.

Please help on these matters to keep things running smoothly and avoid frustrations (especially Keith’s)!! The folios represent a valuable resource for use in your club, enabling your members to see the range of work submitted to the last Annual Competition first-hand.

Please remember that when you receive a folio it is your responsibility to deliver it to the next club on the rota.

IMPORTANT: Please nominate a recipient for your Folios and an alternative address, both on the Portal. Also please email the Folio Secretary, Keith Richardson with any changes you make.

Here are the Print Folio rotas for the season starting September 2024 until March 2025.

These are Provisional only and still open to changes and amendments.

Could all participating clubs check and make note of their allocated dates, and contact Keith Richardson as soon as possible if there are any issues.

Page updated 23d February 2024