Birkenhead PA present ‘Projects for Lockdown’ – Mike McNamee FRPS

Our Zoom Meeting on 27th January 2021 will feature our very own MIKE McNAMEE F.R.P.S. Please read the information regarding Mike’s eagerly anticipated presentation. For anyone who wishes to join us for the evening (which begins at 7.45pm) please email the club for the log-in details. A contribution of £2.99 is asked for towards club expenses. Details of the log-in will be sent out close to the event.

When all the current nonsense started people retreated behind their front doors (those that could!) and set about all those DIY projects that had accumulated over the years. Things have been going on for so long now that new projects are needed, there is only so much drying paint you can put up with!

Two characteristics that are required are that projects should not involve face-to-face contact with strangers and (for many) they should not involve too much expenditure. Within these tight constraints (and they have been tight for many) some surprising ingenuity has been shown and so Mike’s talk is something of a tribute to the work that has been done to record the Covid-19 situation, its effect upon people and also to inspire others to seek their own projects, and learning pathways.

So, we shall talk about some of the moving in-hospital photo essays that have been created but also take the opportunity to teach about creative project development, along with suggestions of some software techniques that you might hone. Mike gave this talk for the RPS before Christmas and what started out as an invitation to speak to a local group spiralled out of control into 330 delegates across 30 countries – most of them stayed to the end.