Bill Edwards: Obituary

Everyone was shocked to hear the news of the recent sudden death of Bill Edwards.

Bill was a long-time member of Altrincham & Hale P S for over 30 years. During this time, he occupied a number of key positions, including President, Programme Secretary and Competition Secretary. He gave generously of his free time, helping less experienced members with guidance and support including help with IT. He used his experience to give a constructive and encouraging critique of images both before and after becoming a recognised judge.

Bill’s photographic interest lay in people, be it in re-enactments, street scenes or just people. He was integral in helping keep the Society together through the difficult times of falling membership.

He was well respected amongst Clubs and Societies within the L&CPU region both as an individual and as an L&CPU Judge. He would give helpful, informative and stimulating comments on images. They were always tinged with a relevant bit of ‘down to earth’ observational humour that you could not fail to be part of.

Bill joined the L&CPU during 2010/2017 and quickly took on the role of Portfolio Secretary and worked very hard to make the running of this part of the L&CPU as smooth as possible. He was always amused at how seemingly simple instructions could be interpreted, or ignored, causing massive logistical problems that he gave so much time and effort to trying to overcome

Using his many years of experience in the building trade he put these skills to good use in helping to erect the Annual Exhibitions. He had a dry sense of humour and was a leading member of the team who ensured that all clubs who entered the Annual Exhibition got their own prints back, no mean feat.
Bill was reliable, calm, focussed and unruffled. He worked quietly in the background and despite his deteriorating physical manual dexterity he only asked to have his hand shaken using his left hand.

He will be sadly missed.


Garth Tighe. CPAGB,

President of the L&CPU