Welcome Evening at the Wilmslow Guild Audio Visual Group on Friday 15th September

We’re a varied lot, us photographers – portrait, landscape, creative…. but we have one thing in common – we’re all after that award-winning image. Then of course there’s the couple in the corner who seem to have a slightly different agenda – you know, the ‘Audio Visual’ workers! Most clubs have one or two AV’ers, often working in semi-isolation. 

This is why in 1993 the Wilmslow Guild Audio Visual Group was formed where like-minded photographers, with an interest in AV could meet to exchange ideas and expertise. Now 25 years later the Wilmslow Guild Audio Visual Group is still welcoming new members. 

We are certainly not out to ‘poach’ members – in fact quite the reverse. Almost all of our members are also members of their local photo club, but come together on Friday evenings a couple of times a month to look at improving all aspects of Audio Visual – the sound, the pictures and also the concept – things that photo societies don’t normally cover. 

We would therefore like to invite anyone from your club who is interested (or might possibly be converted) to come along as our guests to the Wilmslow Guild on Friday 15th September at 7.30pm when we are holding a ‘Welcome’ evening. There you can meet the members, have a chat and maybe bring along one your sequences for us all to enjoy. Don’t worry if you have never made a sequence – we can quickly and easily show you how! 

To allow us to plan the evening maybe you can let us know if you are planning to attend or if you require any further information – please email us: committee@wilmslowguildav.org.uk
The address is: Wilmslow Guild, 1 Bourne Street, Wilmslow, SK9 5HD

We hope to see you then!