Judge Accreditation – Colin Douglas

Congratulations to Colin Douglas, who has become the first L&CPU Judge to acquire the new L&CPU Judge Accreditation. The data portal will be updated soon, so that the accreditation will show up in the downloadable Judges List and Directory listings.

Colin attended and was involved in the Judging Seminar in November 2015 and clubs have supplied feedback forms on his judging over the last four months, all of which were very positive. There have been a few judges who have been competing to be the first (honestly, what are they like!), but they are very reliant on the clubs getting the feedback forms back to me, which sometimes doesn’t happen! So, this is just a request to the clubs that, when a judge gives you a feedback form, please send it back! If you don’t want to post it back, scan it and email it to Christine Widdall at lecturersandjudges@lcpu.org.uk

Chris Widdall
Lecturers and Judges Secretary