Morecambe Camera Club is ‘Taking Photography into the Community’

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery are helping Morecambe Camera Club with their project ‘Taking Photography into the Community’

Morecambe Camera Club, are a friendly group of people, with a range of photographic experience, who share skills and all have a common interest in producing and editing images.

The club recently received a £2000 grant from Postcode Community Trust, which is funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, for the purpose of purchasing equipment to allow us to encourage people in the local area to take better photographs and increase enjoyment of photography.

There have previously been numerous enquiries through the website and from newer members requesting teaching. These factors were key to the planning of this project.

The aim of the project is to introduce practical sessions, talks and demonstrations in the community, open to all, promoting social inclusion and providing learning opportunities for those who might otherwise not have access to it, as well as a social component for those who are isolated.

Parts of Morecambe have high poverty rates, and the project aims to target underprivileged areas, so people who may not previously had the opportunity to use photographic equipment can gain access to technology and teaching that many would not otherwise have.

Research shows photography has therapeutic benefits, particularly for people with anxiety or depression, both of which are prevalent in impoverished areas. Benefits include; Motivation to get outside; establishing social bonds; a means of non-verbal communication which can be helpful for those who find communication difficult.

The funding will enable us to purchase equipment to demonstrate to the public the full potential they can achieve through their photography.

Equipment for this project includes; a new laptop, studio and lighting equipment, software, learning resources and specialist camera equipment.

The project will be headed by Ellen Bell, the club’s chairperson and is fully supported by existing members who are keen to share skills and support the community.

Following on from a number of trial sessions in the summer of 2018, it is hoped these sessions will run monthly through the summer of 2019.

Ellen Bell, Morecambe Camera Club Chair said; “We hope that people from the local area will discover a passion for photography, learn new skills and form longstanding social connections”.


For more information contact Ellen Bell or visit our website at