The Big Day featuring The Novice Cup

We cordially invite you to participate in the 1st Novice Cup Event.
Date: Sunday 15th October 2017 starting at 10.00am (Door open from 9.30am)

Location: Lowton Church of England High School, Newton Road, Lowton,  Warrington WA3 1DU

This event is designed to promote competitions and distinctions to club members would not generally get involved in the existing annual club competition or the knockout competition.

It will be open to all clubs, but only club members who currently do not have any qualification or accreditation can enter, and it would only be open to images that have not already been used in the knock out or annual clubs competition or received an award in a national or international competition.

The Novice Cup is an unmounted ‘A4’ print competition, and is in two sections. Open Colour and Open Monochrome.

Each club can enter 6 images from 6 different authors in each section.

During the closed judging sessions we will provide a number of lectures provided by well known and established photographers from within the federation.

Tickets will be £ 15.00 and are available through the L&CPU Online Portal.

A full catered buffet with Soup will be provided as part of the ticket price along with Tea and Coffee during the breaks.

Schedule for the Day

10.00 Introduction by the President of the L&CPU

10.15 Programme of the day by the Event Organiser

10.30 Set up of Round 1 – Colour Prints

 At the start of the day, clubs will present their colour entry on the provided display boards.

10.45 Opportunity for Audience to view round 1 images

11.00 1st Lectures and Round 1 Judging.

 i. Lectures will be provided by established photographers from within the federation – Phil Barber MPAGB, Conor Molloy DPAGB, Rob Hockney DPAGB and Noel Patterson CPAGB.

 ii. The three judges will walk around the entries, scoring each image out of 10

Judges are Phil Charnock, Gwen Charnock and one TBC

12.30 Round 1 Images are taken down and replaced with round 2 Monochrome Prints

12.45 Opportunity for Audience to view round 2 images

13.00 Lunch Break (60 mins)

14.00 2nd Lectures and Round 2 Judging

15.30 Results and Presentations

16.00 Closing Statements

16.30 End


In each section we will award the best club, who has the highest total score in the section.

We will have individuals medals for the highest scoring best image in each section, with a number of ribbons for the runners up.

We will also have a trophy (The Novice Cup) for the overall winning club with the highest total score of both sections.


Rules and Guidelines